Fun, Sun & Cake

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One of the best birthday I have celebrated was not even my own;  it was my ultimate hero’s b-day, my mom.  Being the way she is she has never had anything for herself. Always giving me everything or thinking of me first. So this year when her birthday came around I wanted to give her something she has never had. A get together with her best friends, at her favorite restaurant, without her having to worry about planning it or money or anything and just enjoy herself for once.


Dinner, Fighting, and Blogging… Martha Stewart Style.

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Friday night, my friend Laura’s house; getting together with friends makes me feel like the middle child between two crazies fighting over pictures:

-Joe says to Laura, “I see I finally get  pictures of me on your wall.”

-Laura replies, “Do not talk crap because if you have one picture of me on your wall is a lot.”

Im sitting in the table in the middle of all these, eating my beagle bites while everybody else eats some weird Mexican bean soup Laura made. She likes to feel like the new Martha Stewart. Not that she knows or care who Martha Stewart is. And of course Ronny is feeding the fire with sarcastic remarks of how Joe has twenty pictures of friends that he “just” met and only one of us. Then Joe turns to me to explain why and I look at him and simply say: “I DON’T CARE” The fighting went on about 15 minutes, nobody won, nobody lost, I don’t care either way, and still our pictures on Joe’s wall are yet to be seen.

So Joey is helping me set up this blog thingy in the kitchen table -the purpose of this gathering- and miss Martha is ranting about going into the bedroom because apparently she has something against us and the laptop, and she wants us to go to the “Computer Room” ohhhhh….  Yes so naturally to shut her up we got up and left, or we would have never hear the end of it!  Oh and 20 mins later we are tortured by the soundtrack of Laura’s screeching voice, screaming every time she found out somebody agreed on her comments, on apparently this very important blog; it went something like this:  “They Like me, They really, really like me”... Ok so that’s not exactly what she said.

To top it all, the night ended on them forcing me to leave comments on their posts, sarcastically and evil but… hey! They were comments.